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SUSTAINABLE ANTIOQUIA is a cross-sector alliance led by Innove, Proantioquia, Centro de Pensamiento Social, Corporación ProSurUniversidad Pontificia Bolivariana and Universidad EAFIT.

This initiative is intended to serve as an open space of learning and articulation directed at introducing organizations within Antioquia’s four (public, private, social, and academic) sectors to concepts of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the long run, we hope Sustainable Antioquia becomes a place for Antioquia’s sectors to report their contributions in building a Socially Responsible Territory. In 2016, Sustainable Antioquia is developing a community of practice structured around the UN’s 5 P’s of Sustainable Development (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership.) The community is comprised of educational talks, workshops, systemization of Good Practices (GP), reports of knowledge management, and HangOuts to present the findings and results of each series. The results are intended to provide the public policy guidelines for the goals and indicators in the process of building a sustainable development vision for 2030. This approach makes it possible to continue the Antioquia Alliance for Equity, measure the region’s advances, and include new sectors. Together, these advances work towards building a Socially Responsible Territory that responds to the challenges of sustainability and peace-building — priorities in all the sectors’ agendas.

From 2017 until 2030, Sustainable Antioquia looks to transcend the community of learning and practice through the creation of a platform that allows different sectors within the region to integrate their respective indicators with their contributions to the SDGs, as well as share the involved actors’ practices, cases, knowledge and learning capacities.


The series are themed modules that divide the Sustainable Antioquia learning process. Each series lasts 8 weeks and consists of: a seminar about the core theme that is directed at the general public; a systemization of (GP) that exemplify the core theme; a workshop regarding the connection between the SDGs and the work of businesses, the public sector, and social organizations; constant communications and networking; and a closing report of the series, accompanied by a toolkit. The individuals and organizations that participate in the entire process will receive an academic certification.


SERIES 1: The SDGs and New Commitments in the Global Agenda (April-May)

The opening event was held on April 5, with the first seminar, in which Carlos Enrique Piedrahita (GRI) and Juan Pablo Toro (UNDP) participated as speakers.


SERIES 2: Planet / SDGS 11- 15 (June-August)

The opening event for this series was held at EAFIT University on June 9, with the participation of Marc Levy and Minal Patel from the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), a unit of Columbia University.

Focus workshop carried out on 18 August at EAFIT.

Resources of Series 2:


SERIES 3: People / SSG 1, 2,3,4,5 y 6 (October)

eff5aded-924c-42e2-ae28-21be1f05f9f1This series organized in alliance with Comfama, will have a focus workshop on social indicators related to SDG People.




SERIES 4: Prosperity, Peace and Alliances / SDGS 7-10, 16-17 (October-November)

SERIES 5: Presentation of results and Commitments (December)



If you think you can host or help bring together the right actors for a multisector alliance in your city or territory, we can help you replicate our model, so that everyone can start working as a global network. We want to be sustainable, learn together about sustainability, and begin to measure our progress toward the SDGs.

We invite you to join us! Write to us at alianzas@innove.com.co



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