We have supported organizations in developing processes oriented towards sustainability. Recently, we have worked with:

Corporación Empresarial ProAburrá Norte / Objective: Create a strategic narrative acknowledging the milestones   of ProAburrá Norte 40 years of work.
Emprender Paz/ Objective: Systematize in a book the learnings and reflections of the 36 winners of Emprender Paz Prize.
PACTIA / Objective: Design a Social Responsibility strategy targeted at the community for the Gran Plaza mall brand in five intermediate cities in Colombia.
Proantioquia / Objective: Work in partnership to implement the “Sustainable Antioquia” project, an open space of learning and collaboration for organizations that aims to introduce them to sustainability-related topics, and particularly to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
XM / Objective: Design and facilitate dialogue and consultation with three stakeholders relevant for business strategy.
UNIMINUTO / Objective: Develop and facilitate an awareness process of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for young students.
PostobónPostobón / Objective: Systematize prior experience and conceptualize the new phase of the Hit Social methodology for the implementation and promotion of inclusive supply chains.
CIAT CIAT / Objective: Support the systematization of the implementation process for the LINK methodology, which is focused on building inclusive rural businesses, in 10 cases in Nicaragua.


ProsurProsur / Objective: Co-create a Route Map with affiliated and allied organizations of ProSur, in order to consolidate Corporate Social Responsibility efforts in the framework of developing a socially responsible territory in the southern Aburrá Valley.
IDBIDB / Objective: Map the Colombian social innovation ecosystem in order to determine the best allies for the creation of a Public-Private Social Innovation Fund.  Read the document here.