What is Innove? 

INNOVE is a think, engage and do tank that designs and develops processes that enable organizations, and especially businesses, to achieve their transformation to sustainable models. The future of business will belong to those who are able to adapt to the new sustainable development paradigm.

For many organizations, this requires a process of self-reinvention. In order to facilitate this process, and take advantage of a new world of opportunities, INNOVE offers businesses a comprehensive portfolio of services and support, which we use to produce a new culture in the work teams, leaving behind an installed capacity for self-management.

Our approach

We believe that the human species has become unsustainable for this planet, but that this reality can change if we move away from paradigms that have become obsolete. We think that the more people and organizations join together to create change, the sooner we’ll find better solutions to our problems. That is why our goal is to contribute to the sustainability of our species on this planet by joining the growing movement of organizations looking to change obsolete paradigms.

Transforming an organization begins with transforming the people who work in it; this is why we utilize a human-centered approach. To this end, we focus on three dimensions: mind, heart, and spirit. We develop content and activities that enable each individual to understand and experience sustainability. This allows these individuals to transform their personal, work and social roles and begin not only to understand but also to “live” new paradigms.


The left side of the sustainability funnel proposed by The Natural Step represents obsolete production and consumption paradigms, and the center represents the blind spot these lead us into. The right side represents the shift to a sustainability paradigm, in which we have access to an abundance of resources for development. At Innove, we believe there are four facilitators that can help reopen the funnel and lead us back out of the current blind spot:



INNOVE uses these facilitators – knowledge, innovation, alliances, and generation of capacities – as the pillars of its work. This is how these pillars function:

Knowledge: management of organizational information and knowledge, using collaborative work as a starting point.

Innovation: generation of value for the business by mitigating risks and seizing opportunities through processes of co-creation and innovation with the work team.

Alliances: networking, sustainable organizational culture, good practices and new reference points, synergies, linkages, and alliances with other actors to promote sustainability.

Capacities: construction of capacities for self-management and training in sustainable intrapreneurship within the work teams.